Tuesday, August 7, 2012

White River Light Station

The White River Light Station is located on the west coast of Michigan near Whitehall.  This charming old light station was built in 1875 to help ships maneuver the channel between White Lake and Lake Michigan.  There were many sawmills built around White Lake near the great pine forests.  Lumber schooners would travel this route to bring their lumber to market.  The light station aided in navigating the ships through the narrow channel.

When we visited the Michigan coast in July, I was able to visit the light station.  It was decommissioned in 1960 and is now open as a museum.  Visitors can climb the tower for a view of the chanel as it goes into the lake.

The museum in the light station is small but interesting.  It has several scale models of the lighthouse that have been made over the years. There is memoriablia from the keepers that lived in the lighthouse over the years. It also houses the original fourth order fresnal lens from the light station.
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