Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Concord Point Lighthouse

Concord Point Lighthouse is found in Maryland at the northern part of the Chesapeake Bay.  We visited this historic lighthouse in August of 2014.  The lighthouse is a rather short white conical light that sits just feet away from the water.  It was first lit in 1827.  

Although it was closed to visitors at the time when we visited, I was still able to walk the grounds and take photos of the lighthouse from various angles.  The cloudy skies of the day helped to give the photos an interesting look.
In the photo above you will see the keepers house which is located just across the street from the lighthouse. 
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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse on the Jersey Shore

Hereford Inlet lighthouse is a beautiful Victorian house that has a lighthouse on it.  What a wonderful place for the lighthouse keeper and his family to live.  This lighthouse was built in 1874 and certainly must be one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Jersey shore.

I visited the lighthouse on a beautiful August morning and was delighted by the wonderful lighthouse and the grounds that were full of gorgeous flowers.  All around the lighthouse grounds were paths with benches where you could sit and enjoy the beautiful view.  The back path in the garden leads out to a boardwalk along the shore.  What a great place to take a stroll.  Here are a view of the photos I took in the gardens.

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