Monday, August 27, 2018

Photographic Tour of Erie Pennsylvania Lighthouses

                                                              Presque Isle Lighthouse

Three Historic Lighthouses

Erie Pennsylvania boasts three historic lighthouses.  On a recent trip my husband and I stopped in Erie and I was able to photograph all three lighthouses.  The photo above shows Presque Isle lighthouse which was built in 1873.  It is open to tours but we arrived just as it was closing so I only got photos of the exterior.

Erie Land Lighthouse

The first lighthouse built on the Great Lakes was in Erie.  Here is some information and photos on the Erie Land lighthouse.

North Pier Light

The third lighthouse in Erie is the North Pier Light.  It is located on Presque Isle but can also be seen from the Erie Land light.  Here are photos taken of it from both locations.\

                                          North Pier Light
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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Lighthouses of Cape Cod

Nauset Lighthouse
 On a recent trip out east, my husband and I took a day trip down to Cape Cod to photograph a few of the lighthouses along the coast.  The photo above shows Nauset lighthouse.  If this one looks familiar to you it is because it is on out package of Cape Cod Potato Chips.  In the 1800's this lighthouse was an important navigational aid, today it is fully automated and used as a private navigation aid.
Chatham Lighthouse

Here is a link to an article I wrote for Review This on   Chatham Lighthouse   .  It is pictured in the photos above and below here.  This lighthouse, built in 1823, was one of two "twin" lighthouses and is located on the "elbow" of Cape Cod.  The second lighthouse was relocated to Eastham and is pictured at the beginning of this article.

Three Sisters Lighthouses
These three lighthouses once were located on the Eastham coast of Massachusetts.  Due to erosion they needed to be moved.  Today they reside in a park near the Nauset lighthouse for tourists to view of piece of history.                                                            

Stage Harbor Lighthouse
The Lighthouse above is Stage Harbor light.  This light operated from 1880 to 1933.  Today it serves as a private residence.    

Here is a link to some of my Cape Cod lighthouses on Zazzle.