Monday, June 2, 2014

Marblehead Lighthouse

Photographing a Historic Lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthoues is located in Marblehead Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie.  This lighthouse is the oldest active lighthouse on the Great Lakes.  It was first lit in 1822.  It is a beautiful white conical lighthouse with a red dome and parapet.  The lighthouse is located in Marblehead State Park.  During the summer months the public may climb the 50 foot tower and stop by the Keepers House which has been refurbished and converted to a museum.  

On a recent visit we stayed across from the lighthouse at The Lighthouse Resort so we had easy access to the lighthouse grounds during our stay.  I was able to go over to the lighthouse during the open hours and then I returned early in the evening and again at sunrise the next morning.

The photo to the right was taken in the evening and you will note the shadows from the setting sun against the lighthouse walls.  There are several big boulders leading up to the lighthouse and then flatter rocks as it nears the banks of Lake Erie

I returned the next morning about an hour before sunrise.  In this next photo you will note the green light shining from the lighthouse in the early morning hour.
Here is the photo I was waiting to get.  Sunrise over Lake Erie.
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