Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Sable Point Lighthouse

Along the western coast of Michigan are many beautiful lighthouses. One of my favorites is a historic red brick lighthouse called Little Sable Point.
This lighthouse was opened in 1874 and stands 115 feet tall. Originally the tower had a keepers house that was attached by a walkway, but this keepers house was torn down after electrical power was brought to the lighthouse and a constant keeper was no longer necessary. Today the beautiful lighthouse is now open to visitors who want to climb the 139 cast iron steps to the top. I visited the lighthouse one morning before the lighthouse was open and walked around the ground photographing the lighthouse from various angles. I really enjoyed the views of the lighthouse among the sand dunes on the coast.
I was able to take some unusual photos when I noticed the sun was rising just behind the light. Here is one of the resulting photos.
You can read more about my photographing adventures on this page Unique Lighthouse Photography.

All photographs were taken by mbgphoto