Monday, August 27, 2018

Photographic Tour of Erie Pennsylvania Lighthouses

                                                              Presque Isle Lighthouse

Three Historic Lighthouses

Erie Pennsylvania boasts three historic lighthouses.  On a recent trip my husband and I stopped in Erie and I was able to photograph all three lighthouses.  The photo above shows Presque Isle lighthouse which was built in 1873.  It is open to tours but we arrived just as it was closing so I only got photos of the exterior.

Erie Land Lighthouse

The first lighthouse built on the Great Lakes was in Erie.  Here is some information and photos on the Erie Land lighthouse.

North Pier Light

The third lighthouse in Erie is the North Pier Light.  It is located on Presque Isle but can also be seen from the Erie Land light.  Here are photos taken of it from both locations.\

                                          North Pier Light
Stop by Review This at  to read more information on these lighthouses.

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  1. Hi Mary Beth. I like your lighthouse photos. I am presently working on a blog on Lighthouse I photographed last year travelling in Canada. I am your newest follower.
    Cheers Thelma.