Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mission Point Lighthouse

Located at the top of the Old Mission Peninsula in Michigan, the Mission Point Lighthouse is a reminder of what life was like for lighthousekeepers at the turn of the century.
To reach the lighthouse you travel the M37 from Traverse City up the Old Mission Peninsula. The 18 mile drive is beautiful with vineyards and orchards lining both sides of the road. There are also many wineries where you can stop and taste some wine. The photo above shows the first view we had of the lighthouse after we left the parking lot. An interesting fact about Mission Point Light is tha is is located on the 45th parallel of latitude. That is halfway between the north pole and the equator. There is a sign at the lighthouse grounds showing other cities that also lie within the 45th parallel. It is interesting that many of them are also known for their wines. On the lighthouse grounds there is a log cabin that was built in 1856. You can step inside and get a hint of what life was like in northern Michigan in the 19th century. The photo below is the Hessler cabin.
At the lighthouse visitors can tour the building and if they are interested climb the tower for a view of Traverse Bay. This photo shows the bay from the lighthouse.
There is plenty of hiking to be done on the miles of unspoiled trails surrounding the lighthouse. The photo below is shot looking back at the lighthouse from the beach area
We really enjoyed our day visiting the Old Mission Lighthouse. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. For more on my lighthouse travels stop by Lighthouse Lensography