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Port Washington Lights

Port Washington-A Lighthouse, a Pierhead Light and so Much More

On our way to Door County, Wisconsin we decided to stay for the night in Port Washington. We did not know anything about the town and were pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful small town. It had a great little harbor, beautiful flowers in bloom, a memorial to fallen fisherman, and not just one, but two great lights. One, sitting on a hill overlooking the harbor, was an old lighthouse and in the harbor stood a fascinating looking art deco pierhead light.
On this page,  I will showcase photos of the lighthouses and also give you a flavor of the town with photographs of the harbor, flowers and fisherman's memorial. I hope you enjoy this brief look into Port Washington, Wisconsin.
all photos on this page by mbgphoto

Old Lighthouse on Bluff - Port Washington lighthouse
Source: Mary Beth Granger

The first lighthouse was built in Port Washington in 1849. In 1860 this lighthouse was rebuilt on the bluff in the north part of the town. The lighthouse was on a yellow brick building that was 40 feet tall. The lantern was accessible by climbing into the attic and then to another set of stairs to the watch room and the lantern deck. This lighthouse is no longer operational today but can still be seen on
the bluff overlooking the harbor. 

Pierhead Light - Art Deco Style Light
The first pierhead light was built in Port Washington in 1889 and was a pyramidal wooden framework tower. In 1935 the current pierhead light station was built. It is a art-deco style. This light is now serviced by the Coast Guard out of Milwaukee.

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Lighthouse welcomes Boats to Harbor - Light and Fog Horn
Source: Mary Beth Granger
There is a red light atop the lighthouse that is a harbor light. It flashes once every 6 seconds and is visible to boats 8 miles out in the harbor.

There is also a fog horn that is mounted on top of the lighthouse. It gives 2 blasts every 30 seconds at 24 second intervals.

Pier-head Harbor Light - Connected to harbor

The pierhead light is connected to the harbor by a breakwater made of steel decking, large stones and concrete. You can walk out to light along the breakwater which is 2500 feet log. In this photo you can see the large number of people that gather under the light to fish or just enjoy the view.

Port Washington Pierhead Light - Early Morning

I thought I could capture the lighthouse without so many people around it if I got up very early. I was up before dawn and still there were people around the pierlight. Here is a lone early morning fisherman just under the lighthouse.

My First View of Sunrise - Sunrise in Port Washington

I decided to get up very early to try to get some photos of the sun rising over the lighthouse. I wasn't able to get the lighthouse in my shots, however I was rewarded for my early morning outing by some spectacular sunrise shots. The sky was somewhat cloudy so at first I didn't think I'd catch the sunrise, but then all of a sudden it was there, coming out of the clouds. Well worth the wait!!


Sun Rising over Harbor - Beautiful Sunrise

I love the way the sun went in and out among the early morning clouds.

Fishermen's Memorial

Commercial Fishing Industry

The Fishermen's Memorial was built to honor those people who lost their lives in the local commercial fishing industry. The memorial is located in Rotary Park on the harbor in Port Washington and also gives information on the art of commercial fishing. The memorial consists of a wonderful statue of a weathered looking fisherman toting a huge fish tied to a rope. Surrounding the fisherman are stands the include information about commercial fishing and tributes to fishermen who have lost their lives. More information on the Fisherman's Memorial can be located on theWisconsin Maritime Trails web site.

Fishermen Statue in the Early Morning - Port Washington Harbor

This photo was taken of the Fishermen Statue in the predawn light. It includes a shot of the harbor and art deco lighthouse in the background.
Closeup of Fisherman Statue

I love this closeup of the weathered face of the old fisherman.

Fishing Town - Port Washington Harbor

Here you see a photo of the boats in the harbor.

Entrance to the Harbor - Pierhead Lighthouse

This is a long shot that shows the pierhead lights guarding the way to the harbor entrance.

Cone Flower - Closeup of flower

I love this beautiful Cone Flower that was growing in Rotary Park near the Fishermen's Memorial.
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