Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sturgeon Point Lighthouse-Michigan

Sturgeon Point lighthouse is located on Michigan's east coast about 5 miles north of Harrisville on the banks of Lake Huron.  The 70 foot tower and keepers house was built in November of 1870.

Today the keepers house is a maritime museum and the lighthouse is maintained by the US Coast Guard.  The museum and tower are open to visitors during the summer months, but the grounds are open to the public year round.

We visited this lighthouse in June of 2015.  We were able to park in a lot just a short distance from the lighthouse and I wandered the grounds taking photos from various angles.
There is a rock jetty that juts out into the water in front of the lighthouse and I found it a good place to get some clear shots of the lighthouse.  The photo above shows the lighthouse as taken from that point.
The keepers house has a bright red entrance door and red window trim and shutters.  They make an interesting contrast against the white tower and house.
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