Thursday, September 2, 2010

Climbing a Lighthouse

I have always been fascinated by lighthouses and have photographed over 30 in the past four years, but I had never climbed all the way to the top of the lighthouse.

During a trip to Beaufort, South Carolina we decided to take a side trip to Hunting Island to see the lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park.  I was with friends who decided to climb the lighthouse and I decided this was my chance, I would overcome my fear and make the climb.

I found the lighthouse at Hunting Island to be rather easy to climb.  Although it had 167 steps, they were made of sturdy iron with a really good railing.  There was also a landing after each 19 steps so I could easily catch my breath before proceeding.  I was doing really well till I got to the very last steps.  At these last steps the railing stopped for the last few steps and I panicked momentarily.  I think I held my breath, gripped the wall and pushed myself up the last steps.  Now I was at the top landing before going out on the gallery.

The gallery of the lighthouse is a railed in area surrounding the light that the lighthouse keeper used when cleaning the outside of the light.  For visitors it is a wonderful way to see the view from the lighthouse.  One of my friends walked out into the gallery and I decided I would follow, but just a few steps.  However, after seeing I could make it that far, I gained my courage and proceeded around the entire area of the lighthouse.  I even stopped to take photographs in each direction. The view was breathtaking.  I felt very proud of myself, and next time I visit a lighthouse where it is possible to climb, I'm sure I'll make the climb again!

Stop by and see photos of my climb at Hunting Island Lighthouse

.View from the top of the lighthouse facing north.