Sunday, September 26, 2010

Faux Lighthouse Celebrates Flood Recovery

Grafton, Illinois is a wonderful river town located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers.  It is only a short drive up the Great River Road from St. Louis.  On a beautiful September afternoon we took the drive from St. Louis to Grafton.  I had heard there was a lighthouse at the port of Grafton and I was anxious to photograph it.

The lighthouse, as I found out, is not a working lighthouse but rather a faux lighthouse that was dedicated in 2007 to celebrate Grafton's recovery from the great flood of 1993.  The lighthouse is quite picturesque and I was able to photograph it from several angles.  While in Grafton we discovered it was a delightful river town with lots of activities to fill a late summer afternoon.  We had a nice lunch at the Marina and were able to watch the Grafton ferry as it made it's way across the river to St.Charles county in Missouri.

We also found several wineries in Grafton and beautiful scenery at nearby Pere Marquette Park.  For more of  my photos from our visit stop by my lens at Grafton, Illinois.